Lamps and Disks

Lamps and disks played a vital role in the day to day running of the railway network until the introduction of train reporting codes displayed on the headcodes of diesel locomotives. The number of lamps and their position on the front of the locomotive identified the type of train it was hauling, which greatly assisted signalmen to set the appropriate path. When diesel locomotives were introduced, the correct lights could be switched on from the cab. Each light had a disk mounted over it, and when not in use, the disk was folded in half to determine that the light was off, rather than a failed bulb etc. The visible side of the folded disk was painted the same colour as the front of the locomotive to help it blend in. For all illuminated lights, the disk was latched open to reveal a white painted disk and a clear lens to allow light through for added visibility and night time operation. These can be fitted to your choice permanently, or attached with grab and grip for total flexibility.

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